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Often times when we hear or read success stories of high achievers and successful people and the great things they have accomplished or are accomplishing in their career and business. The term or word SHOW -UP is usually one of the key ingredients that they ascribe to their success and achievement.

To Show Up in the context to which they have attributed to their success means to 'TURN UP' without excuses and even when no meaningful benefit or gain was going to come their way. They gave their time, energy and gave up their convenience to show up and deliver.

  • To Turn UP or Show Up even when it is not convenient.

  • To Turn Up or Show Up and be available at strategic meetings, functions and events on behalf of their bosses or superiors even when they could say no.

  • To Turn Up or Show Up for team meetings, board meetings, association meetings, strategic meetings.

By showing up (whether it was convenient or not) these successful people gave themselves permission to learn, grow, network with others, horn their skills, build capacity and take advantage of the opportunities their Showing Up brought their way.

To Show Up is to be willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. Those who are recognized and given managerial/executive positions in organizations are people who put in the work, add value, use their initiative, proffer solutions, seek to solve the pain of their employers and bosses and Who just choose to Turn Up.

You increase and boost your productivity when you show up. Today Show Up for that management meeting, zoom or physical event or function. Don’t make excuses, instead and add value and give your best each time you show up.


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