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In the words of one of the world’s leading and foremost expert on leadership @johncmaxwell he says that "The best investment in tomorrow is to develop your influence today." So, how do you develop influence? You develop influence when serve others and that is the best investment with unprecedented returns.

True leadership that influence positively is all about serving others. To gain the willingly permission of your team or followers to lead them, then you must seek to serve them genuinely and have their interest at heart. Serving others connects you deeper to them and effective leaders know they need to first touch the heart of those they lead and not their head. Serving others always start with making a decision - a decision to add value and to make a difference in others.

As a leader, manager, team member etc. make that continuous decision to look for opportunities to serve the people you lead, your colleagues, team, unit, project cohorts, business partners, board etc. Serving others is the only guaranteed route to lasting influence and impact - @Pactleadership



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