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When we make excuses to follow through with a goal, process, decision, we are simply empowering our mind negatively and sending it the wrong signal that impossibility is permissible.

As business owners, leaders, managers, team leaders and people of influence, etc. We must not entertain excuses (from ourselves or from those we lead) that will prevent us from achieving our goals regardless of the setbacks or limitations we may encounter or experience.

Instead, we must push through setbacks and limitations to find a way to achieve our set goals, objectives, and dreams. As the popular saying goes “if you really want something, you’ll find a way and if you don’t, you’ll definitely find an excuse." To continually achieve success in our organization, career, teams, etc:

👉🏾 We must quit excuses

👉🏾 We must quit complaining

👉🏾 We must quit playing it safe,

👉🏾We must quit procrastinating,

👉🏾We must quit waiting for perfect conditions to achieve set goals and objectives.

With excuses, there are no tangible results and no measurable progress.

Now is the time to Quit Excuses and Start making things happen!

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