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Imagination should be used, not to ESCAPE REALITY but to CREATE IT! - Colin Wilson

As a business owner, business executive, manager and career professional etc. engaging the power of imagination gives you the leverage to visualise the impossible and bring it into reality. Success coach @terrisavellefoy states that “without a mental picture of where you are headed, you won’t go far”

This therefore, means that one of the ways to go far in your career pursuit, to see your team successfully handle projects & portfolios with high ROI and to see your business achieve great success and becoming one of the sort after businesses in its field is engaging the power of imagination.

Engaging the power of imagination is fundamental to seeing these reality in your career and business because imagination helps you picture and visualise where you want to be per time.

The power of imagination helps you picture yourself doing things that you desire that may seem out of reach or impossible in the moment.

But when you engage the power of imagination, you have simply activated the unlimited force that will get you one step closer to having what you have imagined in the area of your career or business.

Today, engage the power of imagination by creating a mental picture of where you desire and want your career and business to be in the nearest future.

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