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Working alongside you to help you find the right qualified talent!

At PactLeadership, on our HR side of the business, we value people and care about the staffing needs of our clients. We also understand the crucial role that HR plays in staffing organizations with the right high-performing talents that will continue to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives. Talents that value organizational culture, and would go the extra mile in discharging their job responsibilities.

Every organization's success is determined by people, processes, systems, and products. Our HR Recruitment Service provides practical 'PEOPLE' solutions BESPOKE and TAILORED to our client's needs. We do this by working alongside the leadership/management of businesses to offer expert advice on recruitment strategy, onboarding process and effective induction training to boost their team productivity and engagement

Get in touch with us today via our contact page or book our free consultation session below.

Our dedicated HR recruitment team cannot wait to collaboratively partner with you to work on your HR recruitment projects, design, develop and set up HR recruitment procedures and processes that will help attract, train, motivate, engage and retain high-performing and creative talents that will deliver your organization's vision and business outcomes. 

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Collaborating at Work


In this free No obligation 45mins consultation review, we will get to know your business and the vision for the 'people' that make your business thrive. We will analyse the HR structure, strategies and recruitment system currently in place and where this is not in place, we will discuss the best fit option for your business/organization. Pricing, timeframe and clarification of questions will also be discussed and in the end, we hope you will make us your trusted HR outsourcing partner.

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Our mission is to use our professional HR knowledge and recruiting expertise to help businesses and their people to thrive especially in a world of constant change. Our mission is to serve and effectively work alongside SMEs and Not For Profit to help them create tailored-made recruiting systems to help them achieve their HR recruitment projects within a specified time frame.


Our goal is to attract, interview, onboard, hire, train, develop and retain high-performing talents for the businesses we serve.

Sourcing and attracting high-performing talents, Job posting on online job boards, Job description development, Virtual hiring, virtual screening interviews, onboarding, offboarding, and delivering on time-bound recruitment projects.


SMEs and Not-for-profit that do not yet have an in-house HR recruiting /onboarding team.

Quality Service
Going the extra mile

...We support the 'people' aspect of organizations because we value people!

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Q & A

What inspired you to start your own HR business consultancy?

Busola Adun has always been an entrepreneur at heart. She started her first business as a teenager and continued right into high school and college. She decided to start her HR consultancy mainly because of the knowledge and practical skills and expertise she gained in the Management Consultancy course she took when she did her Masters in International HRM from Queen Mary University London, United Kingdom.

Why should clients choose PactLeadership?

As an organization, we know firsthand that a business's primary function is to fulfil its goal & objectives and to make a profit. With this understanding in mind, we are committed to partnering collaboratively with every client that chooses us to help them achieve their most pressing business goals and objectives.  Also, to work with clients strategically to help them make sound business decisions that offer the best value for their money. 

We would also employ a client-customer approach in order to effectively Identify & understand the client’s most important needs and put in place systems to help achieve them. We are an organization with an ‘I can do' positive attitude. This, therefore, means that no matter how daunting or overwhelming a task or project feels, we always strive to deliver on the outcomes. 

In addition, Busola Adun who is the lead person in our HR consultancy arm of the organization is a highly dynamic, astute, motivated, conscientious, excellence-driven, and top-performing level 7 CIPD certified HR professional (BA and MSC) with evidence-based knowledge & approach to help organizations with their HR pain points. She is a qualified HR consultant with knowledge and extensive experience in excellent customer service, recruitment, employee training and development, performance management, project management, change management, and organizational and policy development within the private, not-for-profit, and public sectors across the UK and North America. With over 15 + years of experience in business Administration/Management & delivering strategic business change programs & outcomes.

Finally, clients who choose us can rest assured that they are working with a high-performing, dedicated & hardworking, skilled & knowledgeable certified HR Consultant who goes the extra mile to provide all it takes to fulfil clients' projects. And ensuring they get value for their money. They can be assured that their project will be diligently and effectively carried out with great attention to detail and within the agreed time frame.

What does PL love most about offering its HR recruitment services?

We enjoy completing client projects successfully within the specified time. Helping clients achieve their pain points / meet their recruitment targets and their most pressing needs/objectives. And in return seeing the satisfaction it brings to them, is our pat on the back. And it spurs us to keep adding value to every client we work with.

Can you provide your services online and remotely?

Yes, we can provide our HR recruitment services remotely. In fact, most of the HR recruitment projects we have carried out in the last two years have been done remotely.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid -19?

Fortunately, most our current work with our clients are carried out remotely, it therefore eliminates any physical contact  or interactions with clients face to face. However, if there’s ever a need for an in-person client visit, then all current Covid-19 procedures by CDC will be duly adhered to and followed. More information is provided in our Covid-19 updates.

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HR Consultancy Services: Testimonials

It's been a joy having Joan volunteer with us at Tutoria as an HR Consultant / Recruitment Expert. For the last year, she has brought her expertise in HR and attention to detail to our Client-Facing Volunteer Onboarding Team. In all our interactions, she's asked terrific questions and made sure to document any changes to our onboarding process. This expertise has not only allowed her to work autonomously--which is a relief given how many teams I have to oversee--but also to build out the team and avoid key person risk. I highly recommend Joan for any employee or volunteer-facing role that requires a can-do attitude, great interpersonal skills, and a commitment to excellence.

Alexander Sulyevich
VP, Capital Planning, CCAR, and Recovery / Resolution Planning at Citi | Founder Tutoria

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